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Picking GarlicGarlic is one of the most widely used vegetables in our diet. It flavors our food with a wonderful aroma and it has many medicinal properties. I have grown garlic with biodynamic methods for the last 30 years and never ever used pesticides, herbicides or hormones on our farm. We grow garlic from local stock that is acclimated to the environment of this area. Store-bought garlic comes from far away places and will not stand up to our climate.
Garlic is a very easy plant to grow, starting in the fall, before frost under a cover protection of hay or leaves. In the spring the plant will emerge, and with the help of a small amount of fertilizer the plant will grow fast. In the month of June a scape flower shoot will form, that needs to be removed so the bulb will grow bigger. The scape makes a great complement to any food, like salad, mashed potato, or any fish or meat dish. Or, cut it up, put it on your favorite bread with some butter or olive oil, and then toast in a toaster oven.

Come the beginning of July, the garlic bulb needs to be removed from the soil, cleaned and dried for several weeks before the stalk can be removed.

This year I will be selling some of my German White hardneck bulbs in the early fall for $7.00 (1/2 lb) or $12.00 (1 lb), plus $ 6.00 postage.

Farmer Johan with Garlic Bulbs

Johan van Achterberg
Hidden Meadow Farm
359 Silver Hill Rd.
Easton, CT 06612
(203) 261-2156
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